CSL Teens
CSL Summer Teen Camp 2014

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of year again- CAMP REGISTRATION TIME!

You have seen our theme videos, you have posted about your excitement, and now it’s time for it all to get real. This year is exciting and new- different from ever before. Well, Camp always is, but this time REGISTRATION is different too.

By clicking on the attached link, you will arrive at an online registration page for CSL Teen Summer Seminar 2014, Be-YOU-tiful. By following those online instructions, you will be able to register yourself for camp.

** Be sure to check in with your youth group advisor, though. Any payments/ payment methods must be settled as a group, and they have to sign your form (and can help get a minister signature).
SPEAKING OF WHICH, attached is that authorization form that must be signed by your youth group advisor and Minister. Please download it and fill it out as part of registration.

Some other cool new things are: you can copy this link and post it anywhere/EVERYWHERE! (so please do!) On the CVENT website, there is also an option to “invite a friend”. We want as many beautiful souls to experience the wonder of camp as possible, so be sure to help us spread the word!

ALSO, there is an option on the camp for for “Other” as well as “Male” and “Female” for gender. If you resonate with “Other”, Keith Cox will be in contact with you to try and arrange what you may need to feel comfortable and respected (sleeping arrangements, etc.) We are making great progress toward out goal of EVERYONE feeling safe and welcome at camp.

I am so excited I can barely stand it! I hope you are too!

Things to remember:

  • When no one is validating you, you can validate yourself
  • When no one is comforting you, you can comfort yourself
  • When no one is kind to you, you can be kind to yourself
  • When no one believes you, you can believe yourself

You can give yourself the things that you are looking for externally. You are allowed to be good to yourself.

(Source: findingmyrecovery, via practice-self-love)